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What to do when someone copies your product?

First off, if your competitor or a copycat is copying your work then you must be doing something right and unique.  Utilize that as a validation, however don’t be careless and complacent about their move.

 There are steps that you can take, if your work is copied by another business. 

  • Confront the company and challenge the copycats. Let them know that you do not appreciate their plagiarism and you will take necessary actions.
  • If you have obtained copyright on your products, sending a cease and desist letter will alert and warn the recipient that they are infringing on your rights.
  • It is wise to keep litigation the last resort and take initial steps yourself to resolve the issue as courts can be extremely time consuming and expensive unless you are a well-established large corporation.
  • Protect your work from infringements and copy cats.  This can be done by getting a copyright on your work if haven’t yet. This is an official and legitimate way to prove and claim on your work. Copyrights will protect the originality and all the features of your work or product.
  • Another way to protect yourself from infringements is getting your brand and name trademarked. It can protect the name, sound, colour, and design of your products or work. This will provide you with an exclusive right to use the name and product line.

To register your brand as a trademark, contact today!

Experts suggest that branding is the most cost-effective and proactive tools that can discourage infringement and competition. This will also maintain the customer base as customers insist on buying from the original.

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