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  • Making sure your mark is not infringed.
  • Know when to protect your trademark from infringement by taking legal action.

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Trademark watch refers to monitoring and policing your mark from future infringements. It is basically a preventive step protect your mark and enforce your trademark rights.

A Trademark watch notice is an information sent to the trademark owner notifying them that another party has filed an application for trademark registration that may infringe and violate the owner’s rights.

Trademark monitoring is one of the crucial steps to undertake when a business has invested substantial amount of time and resources to register and identify itself as a brand. It is an essential strategy in enforcing the trademark, ensuring that it is protected, and identifying who else is using the mark.

You can monitor your trademark via:

  • Search engines
  • Trademark Journals that advertise new applications for opposition
  • IP2SG data base for comprehensive search



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