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Trademark Registration Singapore
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Trademarker can monitor and register your trademark in 3 easy steps

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Trademark Registration Singapore
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Trademark Registration Singapore
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Why Getting a Trademark is Important?

A trademark is essentially your business' identity for the goods or services provided. The purpose of a trademark is to ensure companies and individuals are able to distinguish their identity from those already in the industry. The first step to creating your brand is to protect it.

  • Distinguishes your identity from those that are already in your industry
  • Gives you grounds to prevent another individual from copying the mark

International Trademarks: Why Should You Do It?

Protecting your brand using a trademark is jurisdictionally based, meaning it is only protected in the countries in which an application has been filed and approved. So, what if you want to have protection internationally? Now, depending on your needs, Trademarker can help you file several applications in the countries you wish to expand your brand by using our network of associates. Based on the business plan and requirements that you have set out to develop your brand, we may also advise and assist you to apply through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) where you can register in the selected countries if they are members of WIPO.

Global registration of your brand is a cost-efficient way to ensure the protection of your hard work in the respective countries before commencing business operations. It also enhances your corporate value in the event of any valuation exercise undertaken on the company.

Click here to read more about WIPO and the Madrid System. 

Benefits of using WIPO:

  • The entire process can be done in one application, saving time and costs when it comes to international trademark protection.
  • Any amendments and future renewals can be done using a single request application
  • It is not required to have an address for service within the contracting countries when you are filing for the application.
  • All applications are done in one language (English) and accept payment via a single currency (Swiss Francs).

We help you to focus on your business development globally whilst supporting you to ensure the protection and monitoring of your Brand through WIPO Trademark Registartion services provided by us.



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