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Tech in Asia: How they managed to get recurring income from paid content

Blogging in Singapore started becoming a popular aspect for many start-up companies, this was never seen as a ‘serious’ project but rather something that was done as a hobby or a side project. This quickly changed for many bloggers as blogging became a good way to make a substantial income. One of the promising star-ups was Tech in Asia, which provided content for start-ups, founders, and anyone in the tech industry. 


Tech in Asia initially launched their blog 2010, providing free content for eight years. The content was always well received by readers and regarded as a high-quality blog within the tech industry.  In 2018 Tech in Asia launched their new subscription model where reader now had to pay for content. With so much free content available, how did Tech in Asia manage to convince readers to pay in exchange for content? This article will discuss how Tech in Asia managed to do so. 


Firstly, quality matters. According to Terence Lee, good content markets itself. Tech in Asia changed up their content strategy to quality over quantity. The company found that a lot of their marketing was organic, using Facebook and Google. 


The writers then focus on the amount of value that is added in the blogs. Adding value is a key for writing paid content. Tech in Asia ensures that each article is something unique, moving away from anything that is already talked about in order to not replicate other content. The writers additionally include stories about big companies which help draw readers attention and to build a significant article. 


Using real life case studies to inform readers of dos and don’ts became a significant way for Tech in Asia to build strong and interesting stories which kept readers subscribed. The companies most popular case study as of today is their Honestbee article which is one of their most successful works. 


Moreover, using data driven content is a great way for the company to differentiate which articles do well. This includes examining analytics from past articles, such as looking at page views, readers, subscribers or saves. This helps the team of writers in acknowledging what goes well with readers and what doesn’t. Once this data is retrieved and analysed, writers are encouraged to construct follow up articles on previous content which did well or write related stories. 


Tech in Asia manage to still pull in thousands of new subscribers weekly, their content is unmatched and has been highly regarded in the tech community. As small businesses, what one can learn from Tech in Asia is to ensure what you put out is unique, consistent, and up to the best quality. Using analytics to help better understand your company is also crucial for long-term growth. 

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