International Trademark Registration

WIPO Trademark Registration: The Madrid System

Do I have an Internationally registered Trademark?

A Trademark registered in Singapore only provides protection in the registered country, which answers the question as NO. It can be achieved through a simple Trademark Registration Online.

If you wish to register your trademark internationally, there are two ways in which it can be done. Either apply in each country separately or you can apply through World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) via the Madrid System which registers your mark in various countries with a single application.

What is WIPO Trademark Registration and the Madrid Protocol?

The International Bureau of the World International Property System (IB-WIPO) is the administrator of the Madrid Protocol. As mentioned above, the Madrid Protocol is a filing system in which a Trademark Application is registered in participating countries with a single application. The Madrid protocol has 124 member countries as of March 2021. A full list can be accessed here.

Basic requirements include registration in the home country (in the same class for each mark) and listing all the goods/services covered before filing. Just like normal trademark registration, a WIPO Trademark Registration lasts 10 years, upon which it can be renewed.

Benefits of a WIPO Trademark Registration with the Madrid System

  • Only one application needs to be submitted which is simpler and cheaper than registering in multiple countries internationally.
  • Applicants do not need to have a service address in the countries at the time of application which comes in handy if you plan on operating in the near future but would like to have your mark registered
  • Changes and amendments, as well as renewals, are also done with one request internationally
  • All applications are done in one language (English) and accept payment via a single currency (Swiss Francs).


To conduct a WIPO Trademark Search visit our website here. All you need to do is choose the option “International” when filling out your details.


To directly apply for a WIPO Trademark Registration visit here.



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