Importance of Conducting a TM Search

Importance of conducting a Trademark Search

Almost every company has a Trademark, whether it be the name of the company, an image, logo or even the name of a product. In preparation of starting a new business it is advised that a trademark search takes place. This is a crucial step that should be taken prior to any advertising or marketing material has been released to the public.

A Trademark is the focal point of a business’s brand, it is what gives the company a competitive advantage against their competitor brands. Your trademark should represent the originality of your brand or product. Capturing its personality, distinguishing what makes a product/brand different from one of its competitors. 

Therefore, having not done a trademark search prior to a launch can mean you may be putting your business at risk of potential infringement. Having to deal with copyright infringements can be costly and highly time-consuming. A similar trademark to another business may lead to customer confusion, promoting an unstable reputation for your brand. Furthermore, imitating another businesses trademark can also cheapen a brands image, which can result in a decline in customer trust.

According to a recent Forbes article titled Brand Trust is Built on the Cause Consumers Care About Most: Themselves, it was found that originality in a company’s brand can help build trust with customers and promote customer loyalty. To avoid putting your company through the pain of dealing with a trademark infringement, run a quick trademark search. 

Here are some ways you can perform a Trademark Search Singapore according to the Intellectual Property Office Singapore (IPOS): 


  • Identical trademark search 

Preforming an identical trademark search is checking to see if the exact desired trademark has already been taken.  

  • Similar trademark search

Although the trademark itself may have some slight differences, a similar trademark to another entity may lead to customer confusion. This can apply to a company name or logo. 

  • In-use verification search

An in-use verification search will examine whether a third-party has already claimed legal rights to the trademark. Using an in-use trademark will ensue legal issues when registering a trademark. 

  • Trade-name search 

A trade-name search finds similar or identical names that may already be registered and trademarked. 

  • Index search 

An index search is another way to examine whether the desired trademark has identical or similarity to another existing one. 


Additionally, trademark infringements don’t just stop at logos and company names. It is also crucial to ensure that there are no identical or similar goods/services. In Singapore it is important to register any goods/services your company offers with the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS). 

Conducting a Trademark Search with the help of online tools or with the help of a n IP Agent can make the possibility of you running into a lawsuit very unlikely. It also ensures that you waste no time and money on advertising materials that you may need to take down due to a trademark infringement. International Trademark Search

To conduct a Trademark Search, speak to our team today!

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