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Commercial Benefits of a Registered Trademark

No matter how brilliant a business idea is, you need to attract customers through marketing.  It is essential that you capture the target market by introducing your uniqueness. However, protecting your uniqueness is equally important to retain your target market. This can be done by trademarking your business idea.


Here are 4 persuasive commercial benefits of registering a Trademark!

  • Exclusive rights

Trademarking protects your intellectual property. It reserves your exclusive right to commercially use your brand and market your business. It allows you to take action against anyone infringing your exclusive right. This control cannot be achieved by only registering your domain name or business name. You need to fulfill all the trademark registration requirements.    

  • Infringements 

A successful registration of trademark will significantly lessen the chances of infringements and interference of copy cats. It will also discourage the claims of competitors over your trademark. 

  • Reputation and Goodwill

Creating a great business with outstanding customer service is what puts your business on the right track. However, if you miss out creating a memorable brand by registering a trademark, you actually miss out important commercial opportunities. A unique Trademark creates a brand and makes it memorable and recognisable for your customers.

  • Expansion

Business expansion can be done through franchising, licensing and nominating agents. They actually represent your business values. Therefore, a Trademark will help in setting standards that your representatives fill follow to keep the brand secured. If you want to expand and have licensees and franchisees, trademarking is a wise choice that allows them to use your uniqueness and brand legitimately. 

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